Gioele Pagliaccia IL DUO feat. Federico Pierantoni

Gioele Pagliaccia (IT) - drums

Giulio Campagnolo (IT) - hammond

Federico Pierantoni (IT) - trombone

Gioele Pagliaccia e Giulio Campagnolo aka IL DUO are two very active musicians in the Italian and International scene and individually collaborate with very different artists. Since their first gig in 2013 they played just about anywhere: from jazz clubs to private parties, fine restaurants and festivals such as La Fabbrica del Jazz, Bassano Jazz, Trentino in Jazz, Garda Jazz, Vicenza Jazz, Terre Graffiate and others. They play a mixture of funk, soul and afro beat passing through jazz and electronic music, without forgetting the roots of their own instruments. They often invite special guests to their gigs, this time @Stanglerhof they play with Federico Pierantoni.

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