Franziskanerkloster / Come se nulla fosse
documentaries by Antonio Di Biase / Clara Delva

Franziskanerkloster (ZeLIG 2018, 43min)

ein Dokumentarfilm von | un documentario di Antonio Di Biase

In the center of the city of Bolzano, the walls of the Franciscan Convent safeguard an ancient peace that is reflected onto it’s visitors and is incarnated in the lives of the Convent’s last nine Friars.


Come se nulla fosse (ZeLIG 2018, 44min)

ein Dokumentarfilm von | un documentario di Clara Delva

The life around Bolzano’s central bus station is facing radical transformation. A homeless man and a retired couple have to deal with the gentrification of their city.

* in Kooperation mit ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media

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