Grüss Gott, Herr Pfarrer
3 shorts

Grüß Gott Herr Pfarrer (1960, 27 Min) - Luis Trenker

Völs erzählt: es war einmal… Luis Trenker! (2019, 15 Min.)  - Mauro Podini 

Zwei Wege ein Gipfel (1961,11 Min.) - by Lothar Brandler + Luis Trenker

“Grüß Gott, Herr Pfarrer”, describes the everyday life of a priest from Völs, who is consoler, consulter and and shepherd of the mountain farmers. 60 years later, revisits the film's locations and protagonists whose memories of the Trenker and his film are still very vivid.

Two experienced climbers and a beginner and a guide on the way to the same summit: Günter Johne and Winfried Ender, climb a rock face in the Rosengarten group by its steep north face, and a mountain guide and a beginner climber (Luis Trenker and his niece) climb by an easier route while they follow the progression of the other two on the hanging wall. This exciting climbing was filmed by the famous mountain filmmaker Lothar Brandler.

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