Erich Abram. Am schönsten war das Klettern
(2015, 45 Min.)

His life reads like a Holywood screenplay: born in Sterzing, South Tyrol, at the hight of faschism, he is employed by the German Wehrmacht in Russia as teenager. At the end of the war he is captured by the Russians and remains imprisoned until 1947. After his return, he brings his climbing skills to ever higher levels, mastering some of the most difficult routes in South Tyrol and some first ascents of the highest level. He is now renown for his climbing skills even outside of South Tyrol. This is why he is asked to join the Italian expedition to the K2, the second highest mountain in the world. After his return, he gets his pilot's licence and contributes considerably to the development of the alpine rescue. In Bolzano, he opens the first climbing hall in Europe and develops the then-famous "Abram shoes", which are very popular among climbers. Humble as he was, he never shouted from the roofs about his achievements. Rather, he liked to recount his stories to his close friends accopanied by a good glas of wine.

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