Europe for sale
a documentary by Andreas Pichler

How would you feel if the state sold the mountain above your village to a big multinational, your country’s beautiful islands, its beaches or your great monuments? Strangled by debt, governments and public administrations all over Europe act like any indebted family: they try not only to reduce costs, but attempt to replenish their coffers by putting their most valued family possessions on the market. More often than not, this includes part of the countries’ historical and natural heritage: castles, islands, mountains, beaches, palaces, ancient arenas and archaeological sites…

But who really owns these properties? Aren’t they our common heritage, our history that will end up in private or corporate hands and will no longer be accessible to all?

Or is the private sector more efficient in managing these properties? And if so, who decides on the best deal? Are there democratic proceedings for the sale of our common good? The people of Europe want accountability.

“Europe for Sale” follows the stories in seven European countries. Whether it’s a forest in Ireland, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Coliseum in Rome or a palace right on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, our heritage has an economic value, but it has an even greater spiritual value...

2014 - 72/ 52 min

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