puppet theater + live Music


Theater for puppets and objects for four hands, drums, wood und spirit

In "PanTaDam" Pan, the Greek God of the shepherds with hindquarters of a goat, is reputed to have died. "PanTaDam" gets to the bottom of who Pan actually was: human, animal, god, a bit of everything - a Pantadam? With unusual measures, we take to a search of clues and discover a dancing god, or is it only a broken branch? We hear spirits of the forest talk to each other, or are they only slanting tunes of brass and wood? We see passengers board a ship, the moon rising - or are they only little white balls and a lamp in the hand? As long as we see and hear with our own senses we influence our perception. Behind everything, there is music - sometimes audible, sometimes still. For without music everything would be a fallacy.

Starting point of this work was an antique text relating Pan's death during a crossing of the Mediterranean. It is a text leaving plenty of open questions and mysteries which remain unsolved today: What has been lost in a society whose main impetus seems to be consume and commerce, where humans are transported like goods from one place to another and everything must be fast, efficient and targeted? Every now and then, such a world needs a stagnation, a still air, or even two. The first one to be able to hear the question and second one to pass on the message. Afterwards the wheel goes back to spinning. But maybe at times in a different gear.

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