Max Plattner Trio

Max Plattner: drums

Marco Stagni: db

Lorenzo Sighel: sax

Memorable songs, signature arrangements: Smart compositions subverting jazz clichés subtly and three musicians taking their music more serious than themselves.

Lorenzo Sighel, Marco Stagni, and Max Plattner represent a generation of jazz musicians influenced by pop culture. With skillful musicality, sophisticated composition, and a good sense of humor, they dive into questions and phenomena of today. But in the development, they never lose sight of their passion for jazz music. The incredible joy in playing they develop on stage excites the audience, even without conventionally adding instruments for harmonies. Therein lies the trio's strength: to get harmony into their pieces without the traditional means at hand. With saxophone, bass, and drums only, they create catchy tunes—touching in their clarity while at the same time brought on stage raw and dirty.

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